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Andy Richardson, the owner of 29E6 has been involved in the education of those taking the PE exam.

Ace The PE Video

You may also want to check out the "on demand" Ace the PE videos for the Civil PE Exam. These videos cover both breadth and depth of topics for the PE Exam covering all five sub-disciplines, and are also developed in conjunction with PPI. Check out https://ppi2pass.com/video-lessons

If you are taking the PE, or know someone who is, send them over to PPI2pass.com.

PE Exam Review Course (Online)

Was an instructor for the PE Exam review course covering the five sub-disciplines of civil engineering. Mr. Richardson has now taught the course 12 times. The course was hosted by Professional Publications, Inc. (PPI) (2012-2017)

who also developed the Civil

Engineering Reference Manual.

PPI Review course:

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