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Experience, Engineering, Efficiency

We specialize in Steel Connections, Steel buildings, Bracing, stairs, Anything Steel. "We are 'By Others'!"

How We Can Help.

Do you have a project that requires you to provide the connection engineering? We can help by providing an efficient and timely response.

Our Process.

We use the latest including AISC 14th Edition and AISC seismic to meet the demanding engineering requirements, while also working within your project schedule. While we can run the numbers by hand, we also use a variety of software packages to speed up the process and also provide an efficient design.

Find out how our steel design expertise can help on your next steel project.

Design challenges:

With structural engineering comes a variety of challenges. The building codes include requirements for Seismic, Hurricanes and High Winds as well as other design considerations. Being located on the coast of South Carolina, our company has a keen understanding of these design challenges.

Project Types:

But we work on a variety of projects, including residential, commercial and institutional. This last group would include things such as medical or governmental projects.


In order to achieve the project goals, we can design with a variety of materials. Including steel, concrete, masonry and wood. With these materials, we bring a level of expertise of the nuances needed for structural design.